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Why you must take a cruise, here are the top 10 reasons

Ever wonder why so many people return home raving about his last candle? If you are among those considering a first cruise – but that has not yet made the jump – take a look at these ten reasons why Cruise Critic cruise may be the perfect vacation for almost anyone.

reasons to take a cruise 300x199 Why you must take a cruise, here are the top 10 reasons

# 1: A Cruise Vacation Offers Great Value

Cruises offer great value for money rental; because the rates include almost everything you need for an exceptional trip: food, housing, day and evening entertainment and transportation between travel destinations. We regularly see cruise offers conventional cruise lines for under $ 100 per person, per night, which is surprisingly cheaper than what was happening on the ground for a hotel, dinner and show.

On some lines, even children go for free or at discounted rates sharing a cabin with two adults. Looking for luxury? luxury lines include further alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, gratuities, shore excursions, onboard spending credits, and even cheap often comes bundled with the base price.

# 2: View multiple destinations, unpack only once

On a cruise, you unpack once and your floating hotel takes you from city to city or from one island to another and there is no need to mess with the schedule of train or ferry terminal or your luggage through the cobblestone streets. Every morning you wake up in a new place. Cannot decide between St. Lucia and Barbados, or Italy or Spain? Why? Choose an itinerary that visits all cities in your wish list.

# 3: Cruise Ships are Family Friendly

From kids to teens, grandparents, grandchildren, family cruises are fun for all ages. If you are struggling to find a holiday that 5 -, 10 – and 15-year-old all love – and have activities for adults, too – now ships have extensive facilities children, divided by age. Teens have their own cool retreats, away from play areas for children (and, indeed, a pleasant environment away from the pools of parents and bars). How can you not love a trip that includes video games and pool, while providing time for families met for dinner and shore excursions? And parents, even opening up a romantic dinner alone, taking advantage of late-night club kids. ”

# 4: Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes

The ideal cruise for one person may be a mega-ship-board equipped with climbing walls and outdoor theaters, movie, while others prefer a private boat with a luxurious and someone else wants the experience of navigation a tall sailing ship masts. Fortunately, all the different types of cruises are available.

From the French River Country Navigation 12 barges of 5,400 passengers on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, More choices ranging from luxury Seabourn Odyssey sailboats Star Clippers minimalist and even strengthened expedition ships such as ice Fram Hurtigruten. Know the views of cruise before booking for the best boat for you.

# 5: Ships Offer a Variety of Onboard Activities

Today cruise ships are designed to keep everyone happy. Want to indulge in the spa while your husband comes to the casino? Or take the sun reading a book while your family plays basketball. You can go to an educational conference, a wine tasting, computer classes or a dance studio, painting ceramics, playing bridge, learning a language or do yoga, an informal buffet dinner, an elegant restaurant with tables, a sushi bar, a cafeteria or steakhouse, watching a movie, a comedy routine, a show of singing and dancing or live music. And if all you want to do is nothing, as the ship sails from one port to another can, too.

# 6: Cruise Vacations are easy to plan

Because the cruise package vacations include together transport and accommodation, which are very easy to plan. Choose your ship, itinerary and cabin, and that’s it – no searching for hotels in the price range, without having to travel coordination between cities. You can even get your travel agent to arrange your ticket for you – or to choose an output port a short drive to eliminate that step further planning.

Group cruises are a cinch in the hotel. Cruise lines have plans in place for group travel, eliminating the hassle of coordinating his 20 family members and friends around the country who want to go on vacation with you. Book cabins enough – and get additional benefits, including a fee free!

# 7: The ships are floating cities

If you are worried about being stranded in the middle of the ocean, relax. Cruise ships are like floating cities with everything you could want on board. Ships today are equipped with Wi-Fi, phone service and satellite TV so you can keep in touch with the real world during the cruise (if you want to). Aboard sell toiletries you forgot to pack, medical centers can provide medical services or a doctor if necessary and laundry service to wash his clothes mid-cruise so no needs to over-burden. Of course, there are also fun things like gym, multiple restaurants, cinemas, spa, swimming pools, theaters and nightclubs. And in the rare emergency situation, provided there are enough lifeboats for all aboard.

# 8: Plan an exotic holiday

I always wanted to visit Asia, but are nervous about the language barrier? Curiosity is about the Middle East, but nervous about the country’s customs? A cruise is one of the best ways to see the most exotic and foreign in the world in an easy way.

Supply routes calls in major cities and picturesque villages, all of which highlights regional, so you do not have to do research on the best places to visit in an unknown destination. If you are uncomfortable with independent tourism at a new, simply take a boat tour with English speaking guides. Or the team with more experienced travelers who meet online or dishes to share a taxi or a private guide.

# 9: Cruising Is Romantic

Anyone who has seen “The Love Boat” knows that there is a romance of travel by sea. The wind in the hair, the endless ocean views on the twinkling stars, all may be clichés, but they are real experiences aboard! If you want to rekindle the spark with your partner, a cruise vacation offers a lot of time together – sharing side chairs by the pool, a table for two at dinner, dance night or the quality time shared ground. Cruise lines also have special packages for honeymoons, vow renewals and weddings on board and ashore.

# 10: Cruising is social

If you enjoy meeting people from all over the country – and the world – Cruising is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. Even before embarking, you can connect with Cruise Critic Roll Call forums and create groups for independent excursions. On board, you’ll meet people at your table, in the piano bar or pool. The person sitting next to you could be in Paris, Texas, or Paris, France, London, Ontario, or London, England. Kids can find playmates her own age during youth activities and therefore are not always with adults or older siblings or children. Looking for Mr. or Ms., right? We have evidence that many long-term relationships begin during a vacation at sea.