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What is RouteGenie?

There are many people all over the world who, for some reason, can’t get to a medical center to receive medical care. They are usually elderly and people with limited opportunities. In such cases, NEMT can help. Well, what makes it even more efficient, reduces costs, helps to choose employees carefully, and makes the service more popular? The answer to this question is the correct routing and scheduling system. 

RouteGenie is a NEMT software that helps to improve the transportation systems for people by carefully selecting efficient methods. We also provide dispatching. It means that we can help you on the road whenever you are. Different cancellations, add-on trips, breakdowns can happen and we will always be looking for help. We automate all non-emergency medical transportation and our goal is to make processes more efficient. By the way, we also can minimize your expenses. On average, RouteGenie customers see a 10-20% reduction in the number of vehicles on the road. This is due to our travel automation and quality scheduling solution. Such methods help to increase your income and reduce your costs. 

Why should you contact us?

There is a list of advantages when using RouteGenie services:

  • Firstly, we provide you access to the DriverGenie app. It means that your drivers can contact dispatchers at any time of the day, as well as look at routes and transportation requests. This makes driving and routing much easier;
  • NEMT companies get trips from different places, therefore, it is necessary to keep everything in order. The service of ImportGenie offers the best real-time integration to keep all information together;
  • Sometimes a company has too many orders and it is difficult to handle them. In this case, the NoShowGenie function will help you better keep in touch with customers to get around unwanted situations;
  • It is very important to monitor the condition of drivers and their documents to get around unpleasant situations on the road when there is absolutely no time. The HRGenie function allows you to view all certificates, licenses, commissions, and so on, to be sure of the correct choice.

RouteGenie meets all needs of NEMT companies to improve their performance. Contact us if you want to make your project more efficient.