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VPS in Cyprus

VPS or VDS is a hosting that simulates a dedicated server. Several virtual servers work on one physical server at once, but they are isolated from each other. Usually, VPS hosting is bought when the possibilities of shared hosting are insufficient.

      Benefits of a Virtual Server in Cyprus

      1. Full owner control

      You get at your disposal almost a complete server with an operating system from the list of available ones. You can install your software and change the settings as you need.

      2. Exceeding the limits does not lead to the shutdown of sites

      In case of exceeding the limits on processor loads, traffic, memory size, the site does not turn off, but only starts to work slower. You will have time to spot the overload problem, find the cause, and fix it.

      3. Flexibility in the choice of technologies

      You can choose any package of technologies used.

      For the Linux operating system:

      • Node.js

      • NoSQL databases

      • Message queuing systems

      Docker containers and much more.

      For Windows operating system:

      • MS IIS web server

      • ​​APS.Net and C # programming languages

      • A variety of databases.

      All these technological solutions can be run on a VPS in Cyprus, which is impossible in the case of using shared hosting.

      4. Own IP address      The hosting provider allocates a full-fledged IP address for the virtual server, which means that other users and sites cannot compromise it in any way (sending spam messages, hosting prohibited resources or malware). You control and are responsible for the use of this IP address yourself.