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Top 10 Wildlife photographers in the world

We live in a wonderfully varied and share it with a fascinating and amazing selection of creatures in nature in an abundance of varied habitats. In the leading-10-list.org, we are excited about the wildlife and the landscape of our planet has to offer, and in identifying this, our writers has generated from the archives of some of the finest wildlife photospheres . There are wide varieties to pick from, but presented in this document has been identified by various landscape, the rarity of the encounter and the pure vision that are likely to appreciate in The following are the ten finest wildlife photographers of the year.

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1. The snow leopard – Steven Winter

Steven Winter in Hemis National Park in India is the award winning snow leopard. The photograph won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, an event organized by the Museum of Natural History. The photo was taken at night in the cold winter and the photographer Steven admitted that it was extremely challenging to take a photo in those conditions. He later said that just before his winning had fired more than 30,000 photos of wildlife. The endangered species finally reached the leading.

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2. The man and the whale – Brian Skerry

The number two on the list is the photo of the man and the whale taken by Brian Skerry. This stunning image won the finest in the category of water for wildlife in the Natural Museum’s annual event. The photo was taken in New Zealand Auckland Islands. This is the location where the pure dwellers were discovered decades ago. Get the best picture was not as simple as I had not observed a drastic measure had to be human and to appeal to one for very best picture. The photographer revealed that he had to create his assistant as bait even although the animal is friendly.

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3. Black Colobus monkey, David Maitland

Not all stories of wildlife are good to write house about. Some are desperate to highlight the ever-increasing conflict between humans and nature. This photo won in the category of an award from the Earth to attempt to show the suffering of wild animals at the hands of humans desperate to make funds. The picture shows a black colobus monkey whose skin is being burned in preparation for an illegal sale of bushmeat in Gabon. The skin is burned so that the creature can be sold sight, but as a whole. Whereas, the image may possibly be disturbing, that tells a story of wildlife in a couple of years will not be in existence.

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4. Stagnation-David Maitland

David Maitland photographer based in the UK seems to know how to take winning photographs. At number seven on the Leading Ten of nature photographers is the image that was ultimately named stagnation won the Animal Behaviour at the identical event organized by the Museum of Natural History. The image was taken late at night somewhere in the rainforest of Belize. The photographer said he had to watch from 3.am and could not reach a definitive conclusion about who won the fight. He had to call it a day due to exhaustion and to date is not known if the frog or snake won the fight.

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5. Cyril Ruoso – Winner of Animal Behaviour: Mammals category

This is really an amazing story of 3 hunters. At number five is a tale of 3 chimps who are unable to make a decision on how to share a hunt led by the group leader with the trophy. Captured by Cyril Ruoso in the thick forests of Tanzania’s Gombe National Park is the award winning photos in the category of mammals. It is rare for chimpanzees to acquire a rare catch as their hunting usually targets smaller monkeys.

class  6. Stefano Unterthiner – Animal Portrait Winner

The number six is ​​a portrait of Stefano black macaque animal. Take the photo was not a walk in the park and Stefano had to follow the group of black crested macaques for a period of six weeks in the identical outfit. This was for the monkeys to recognize him quickly and be comfy. It is a spectacular image that will undoubtedly be enjoyed by every person.

7. Clash of white-tailed eagles-Antoni Kasprzak

The number seven and winning the behavior of animals in the category of birds is a fight between two white-tailed eagles winter in Poland . The fight was a dead mouse on a rail track. Given the deplorable conditions, the search for food is very difficult and a fight had to occur as to who was able to consume the animal.

The following photos were taken by anonymous people, even though in the view of nature. It tells a story of quiet encounter wildlife in their natural habitat without having human interference.

8. The hippos and Moremi National Park in South Africa

This picture was taken during a safari in South Africa.

9. A tiger in India National Park

The number nine is the image of a tiger taken in a National Park in India. The big animal on land appears to be walking or maybe had eaten a great meal and I was questioning how to get the next.

10. Lawn polar bears

Last but not least the spectacular image of polar bears Sun bathing in ice.