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Top 10 secret weapons in insect

Surprising and ingenious defense of small animals in the book “The secret of weapons.”

10. Centipede

centipede Top 10 secret weapons in insect

The many legs of a centipede (usually less than 100, incidentally) that are creepy. But take a look at those fangs! The front and back of many similar centipede. If error is given back, they will coil and bite. These centipedes Scolopendra eat mainly insects, but are known to take frogs and mice. And why not? It can grow to almost a foot long.

9. Florida Woods Cockroach

Florida Woods Cockroach 300x225 Top 10 secret weapons in insect

In the abdomen Eurycotis floridana is a gland that produces a secretion with 40 components, including acids, ether, and the known odorant stink bug. Matter can be placed 6 inches or more. In your eyes, it would be terribly painful. Mice and lizards don’t like either.

8. Honey bee

honey bee venom 300x258 Top 10 secret weapons in insect

The sting of a bee can kill people who are allergic. More people in the United States die from bee stings than snake, spider or other venomous creature. Only females have a stinger, and females are sterile most of the working class in a hive. A bee sting in driving their victims and leave it there, the poison is released when the leaves of the bee. The loss of its rear end to bee condemned to death.

7. Moth

bulls eye moth 300x185 Top 10 secret weapons in insect

When threatened, Automeris is spread its wings to reveal a stunning pair of “eyes.” In studies, birds in captivity have been surprised by the display. Exactly the point, no doubt.

6. Scorpion

scorpion venom Top 10 secret weapons in insect

The venom of scorpions, issued by the tail, is very variable. Although many people fear them, the sting of most scorpions is usually almost as painful as a bee sting and rarely fatal. But there are a handful of potentially fatal, including the bark scorpion in the southwestern U.S.

5. Vinegaroon

Vinegaroon Mastigoproctus giganteus 300x172 Top 10 secret weapons in insect

Do not try this at home! Annoyed by forceps, Mastigoproctus giganteus discharges a highly concentrated dose of acetic acid (the acid component of vinegar) through the holes of the glands at the base of the whip that can point in any direction with high accuracy. The spray repels ants, mice and other predators.

4. Bug with a Beak

Apiomerus flaviventris 300x199 Top 10 secret weapons in insect

This bug, Apiomerus flaviventris, has a beak for injection of the insect prey with a poisonous liquid saliva. The bite can be painful to people, too. The creatures also emit strong odors for the defense when disturbed.

3. Caterpillar

An ant trying to bite this moth caterpillar, Dalcerides ingenita, will have its mouth glued to a sticky on caterpillares warts.

2. Earwig

earwig 300x199 Top 10 secret weapons in insect

The earwig pincers of a fearsome looking, but other small animals its a spray of chemicals from the abdomen showing annoying. The spray is directed toward the clamps properly.

1. Diving Beetle

diving beetle Top 10 secret weapons in insect

This beetle is a predator hunting dives. Its a good swimmer and can even feed on small fish. No dam is safe, as Thermonectus marmoratus can also fly from one pond to another. If attacked, these beetles emit steroids that are toxic to fish and amphibians.