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Top 10 Creative and Unusual tents

When it comes to camping, it is essential to keep a good tent, and there of all types and sizes. But you are really monsters here are quite unusual. You might also like to leave it common and decide to go for a walk with one of these curious patterns.

1. Store in 2 Seconds

Store in 2 Seconds 300x185 Top 10 Creative and Unusual tents

It only takes 2 seconds to build this store. How? Simply remove the plastic strap and throw it in the air, it will fall army!

2. Auto Shop

auto tent 300x222 Top 10 Creative and Unusual tents

Unusual store that resemble the deck of a car, but it is not. Perhaps this shop you can go camping in the city without being disturbed.

3. Flower Shop

Created by Markus Michalsky “for interior as a hideout,” the futuristic tent made sure to have privacy in conversations. It is very nice, but I think impractical.

4. Shop Nyamuk

shop nyamuk 300x225 Top 10 Creative and Unusual tents

The Nyamuk is a compact sleeping bag that also serves as a tent with mosquito net. Made of polyester, the entire structure is supported by a rod, it is easy to assemble.

5. Floating Store

This exciting tent combines the timeless appeal of a tree house with the practical aspects of traditional shops, the air suspension is the principal feature.

6. Disguised Shop

Disguised Shop1 300x246 Top 10 Creative and Unusual tents

How about this store Disguised created by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao, the type used by the aboriginal Americans, it is curious that also can be worn as a garment.

7. Fruit Shop

fruit tent 239x300 Top 10 Creative and Unusual tents

Dutch designer Dre Wapen, this tent looks like a fruit tree which hangs, located between the branches and on the ground, nine feet in diameter, hardwood floor has a comfortable round mattress inside.

8. Iglu Style Store

Not built with blocks of ice, but his style mimics the classic Iglu where Eskimos live.

9. Shop “Respiro”

Respite is a shelter for people in motion. Nylon is red and the roof is transformed into a hammock when you need to relax after a long day of walking, and easily converted back into a tent again.

10. Hammock Shop

Finally, we present the store is basically a hammock but a plastic raincoat roof, just for one person. I cannot imagine he will do in the heat.