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Let’s save our home

In terms of environmental impact, production is considered to be one of the most dangerous. The main reason is outdated work technologies and a large concentration of enterprises within small areas or one territory.

      Powerful sources of environmental pollution are industrial facilities. Damage is caused to the animal and natural worlds, air, water, soil, human health.

      Such a situation leads to environmental disasters that occur due to neglect of a person or depreciation of equipment.

      The misuse of natural resources causes damage to the planet.

         Now most countries are trying to reduce this harmful effect on nature. They create environmentally friendly enterprises that reduce the share of air emissions. They try to switch to cleaner raw materials. Countries have become more serious about cleaning and controlling production safety.

Waste into profit without harming nature

      However, with GreenPower, you can not just help our planet to survive but also turn raw material into income! A growing number of people are becoming interested in the environmental problem. Companies are beginning to realize that waste is money, because you can re-manufacture a variety of items from it.

      GreenPower is an international Company of bioenergy industry, which develops and manufactures environmentally friendly charcoal kilns and other equipment for processing waste. The resulting products of processing are the following:

  • Charcoal from various wood species, nut shells, briquettes Pini Kay, different plant waste;
  • Bio-char;
  • Briquettes from charcoal and coal;
  • Liquid products of pyrolysis, wood pyrolysis, polymers and rubber goods (petroleum fraction);
  • Electrical energy;
  • Activated carbon;
  • Thermal energy;
  • Fuel briquettes of different types.

      Our company has already successfully established itself in different countries around the world, and every year we continue to expand our sales geography. Don’t be indifferent to the environment, contact GreenPower!