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How to make the interior of Baroque style?

If you like different curved lines, luxury and antique you should to read this text. Italian Baroque style came to us from the early 17th to the mid-18th century. 

This is the most magnificent design of all that exists. A luxury, a strength and a wealth are the main characteristics of Baroque style. If you want to feel a royal atmosphere you should choose this design.

You can use green abstract paintings as decor. They look expensive and make no sense. The green painting in the gold frame will highlight the interior. You should combine such paintings with other decor items in green shades to make a design more harmonious. Besides, there are other ways to make the design in Baroque style without abstract paintings. 

What are the features of the baroque style?

  1. Textile plays an important role. A many years ago in Italy was used long curtains with ruffles. You should choose more expensive materials like silk, velvet or satin. Do not use cheap linen or cotton materials. 
  2. There are a lot of royal lines, cyphers and various colors. Don’t be afraid to overdo it, because it is the main feature in Baroque style. White, gold, silver, red wine and sapphire colors are the most used. Therefore, you should to make a design in 2-3 colors, no more. Just choose the main pastel color and the second color which will be more bright. 
  3. Lightning is very important thing. The most famous feature of the design in the Baroque style are large crystal chandeliers. Designers also advise to put more mirrors into a room and a lightning will be more bright. You may put small white lamps over the painting. This will add more interest and it look like exhibit. 
  4. Walls may be decorated by “antique” wallpapers or by expensive materials and stones. Usually a ceiling in the bright patterns, frescoes and cyphers for add visually more spacious. Gold decor items are also relevant. 
  5. It necessary to make floor which will combined with all room interior. Usually floor mades of granite or marble. Also can be used a wooden. A carpet should not cover the entire floor surface.
  6. Baroque furniture should have a difficult pattern. 
  7. Linens should be luxury and in good materials like silk or satin. 
  8. Statuettes, sculptures and other decor items are also fits perfectly to this style. 

As you can see, it easy to furnish a house in the Italian style. Choose a Baroque!