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What is RouteGenie?

There are many people all over the world who, for some reason, can’t get to a medical center to receive medical care. They are usually elderly and people with limited opportunities. In such cases, NEMT can help. Well, what makes it even more efficient, reduces costs, helps to choose employees carefully, and makes the service […]

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How to choose the right OS for the VPS server?

The choice of the operating system is very important because the future of your project depends on it. Many criteria determine which operating system you should choose. And there are different advantages and disadvantages to using any OS. In today’s article, we will analyze the two most popular operating systems (Windows and Linux) that are […]

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VPS in Cyprus

VPS or VDS is a hosting that simulates a dedicated server. Several virtual servers work on one physical server at once, but they are isolated from each other. Usually, VPS hosting is bought when the possibilities of shared hosting are insufficient.       Benefits of a Virtual Server in Cyprus       1. Full owner control       […]