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# Name Album Time
1 Memrise Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 1:55
2 Godspeed Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 4:15
3 White Ferrari Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 4:57
4 Drive In Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 4:00
5 Nikes Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 3:29
6 Hyperbuilt 1995 Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 4:13
7 Seeing Double Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 5:33
8 Summer Remains Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 3:15
9 It's All Good Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 4:50
10 Feel California Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 3:09
11 Brave Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 4:05
12 Futor Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 2:53
13 Baby Blue (King Krule cover) Frank Ocean Boys Don't Cry 3:40

Boys Don’t Cry by Frank Ocean Album Leak

Today, we are going to discuss about Frank Ocean's album Boy's Don't Cry that is coming out on this Friday that is on the 5th of August 2016. It has been a long wait. The last album released by Frank Ocean was in 2012, the music album Channel Orange. A wait of almost 3 years, and music-fans have waited impatiently for this specific album. It is hoped that the album just like Frank Ocean's previous albums will live up to the standards and comes on one of the highest rated albums of Frank Ocean.
Frank had suggested the release date to be in either June or November, but the actual release is due on August. What a surprise it is.
However one of the bad news is that officially the album will only be released through Apple Music at first. On the other hand, I will definitely provide you the Boy's Don't Cry album on this website to download free of cost. And yes, that doesn't require you to be an Apple product consumer or an Apple fan-boy.
The release is also foretold to include a major video and a printed publication named “Boys Don’t Cry” that will be distributed at Apple stores. This is going to be a major up for Apple after the many albums that Apple has signed with famous artists over the recent years and especially partnering on hugely anticipated albums such as this one from Ocean.
While Apple and Frank Ocean haven't officially opened up about their partnership perhaps retaining it as sort of a surprise for the release. The claims were further confirmed when Frank Ocean opened up a live stream to his studio where he along with some assistants was seen carrying things and arranging things perhaps for his upcoming release. But the most surprising thing was there was an Apple watermark on the corners of the stream further signifying a deal between Frank Ocean and Apple regarding the hugely anticipated album Boy's Don't Cry.
But again, you don't have to wait all that long for the official open release on platforms such as Spotify and others. Instead I will be providing the Download Link to the Album Boys' Don't Cry by Frank Ocean for free, and also you won't have to wait for approximately 2 weeks (or more, depending upon the official deal) and can enjoy the album as soon as it hits the public market.
On the other hand those who are Apple customers can also enjoy the music album by Frank Ocean on their Apple products but they too can avail the download opportunity I provide at this website at free of cost.
Let us all hope that the album is as good as it is expected to be and lives up to the amazing hype and fulfills its potential that Frank Ocean can create after the long gap he took away from music and just sparsely talked with the public regarding crucial events. Again, 'Boy's Don't Cry' by Frank Ocean will be available on this website free of cost and you can enjoy it here.

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